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35 problems all Harry Potter fans will understand – the first 10

Don’t worry, we completely understand – we’re in this together…

  1. When you order pumpkin juice in a restaurant and everyone looks at you like you’re mad.
  2. Feeling victimised because you have to lug suitcases and bags around every time you go on holiday instead of using an Undetectable Extension Charm like Hermione.
  3. Losing interest in anySPORT that’s not Quidditch. There aren’t any brooms? That ball isn’t a Quaffle? What’s the point?!
  4. Hesitating before you bite into a Custard Cream in case it turns you into a canary.
  5. Noticing distinctive birthmarks or markings on strangers and spending way too much time wondering what kind of Animagus they are.
  6. Placing your food order by announcing it to your empty plate and wondering why a delicious feast doesn’t appear.
  7. Getting stuck on a late-running train and muttering to yourself how this wouldn’t happen if you could just Apparate instead.
  8. Spotting an owl and expecting it to stop and deliver your post.
  9. Whispering ‘Lumos’ every single time you turn on a light.
  10. When all you want is a warming Butterbeer – seriously, is that too much to ask?

Cre: Pottermore




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