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Vietnamese tourism industry welcomes about 5 millions foreign tourists every year in spite of/ despite many  fierce competition from neighbouring countries/ nations.

Peter Nguyen is Vietnamese-American with American father and Vietnamese mother. Peter visited his mother’s home country for the first time in 1990.

Peter was impressed by natural beauty, traditional culture and friendly people. Peter decided to stay in Vietnam to study exceptional/ special culture of ethnic minority in northern highland provinces.

Peter established/ founded a small culture museum to introduce to foreign visitors about daily life of local people/ residents. This museum was consider as a culture bridge between eastern residents and western visitors.

Furthermore/ Also/ Besides/ Moreover, Peter carried out/ conduct many community projects to improve living standard of residents, built some primary and secondary schools as well as raise their awareness about traditional culture protection/ preservation.

Peter co-operated with local authorities to hold interesting tours and culture festivals for domestic and international tourists to rise/ increase local incomes and create jobs for local workers.



HCM University of Technology SIMer13 - Industrial Management

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